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Figure 3

From: Probabilistic Voxel-Fe model for single cell motility in 3D

Figure 3

Mechanosensing scheme for 3D and different cell parts. Cell material is modeled using two springs in parallel representing the actin stiffness (Kact) and the passive components (Kpas) of the cytoskeleton, in series with an active actuator representing the myosin machinery (AM) Left plot shows the stress exerted by the AM as a function of the sliding between actin filaments and myosin arms (ϵc). Cell-voxels (right) are divided in three zones: cortex (light gray), cytoplasm (medium gray) and nucleus (dark gray). The nucleus plays only a passive role and is modeled as an elastic material. The cortex and cytoplasm, however, present a contractile behavior depending on ECM stiffness, following the mechanosensing model.

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