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Figure 6

From: Probabilistic Voxel-Fe model for single cell motility in 3D

Figure 6

Cell response for homogeneous ECMs. Volumetric cell stress, ECM displacement (left), 3D trajectory (middle) and migration speeds (right) for a case with homogeneous stiffness (50 kPa). Left plot shows a cut of the cell body. Cell stress is distributed homogeneously (red cell-voxels) along the cell surface and slightly decreases in the cytoplasm zone. Note that the plot only represents the active stress exerted by the cell elements and not the stress transmitted to the ECM or the nucleus. The nucleus is considered a passive material, thus appearing in blue. ECM displacements are distributed homogeneously, pointing radially to the cell centroid (left legend and white arrows). Middle plot shows cell migration trajectory. Having no guidance, cell moves randomly, which is reflected in the low effective speed.

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